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capital projects are typically updated weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, while turnaround or maintenance projects are updated on a daily basis).

There are two ways of updating your project; one way will require you to manually input or collect the data from users, while the second way can automatically calculate the expected progress based on your schedule plan.

While a project is underway, keep actual values as current as possible.

Continue to measure actual values, analyze the impact of any potential project risks, and make adjustments to handle scope, cost, and schedule accordingly.

Once you have your project(s) planned and set-up in P6, you or the planner/scheduler will have to status the report on a routine basis to keep it up-to-date with the project in the present.

The frequency of these updates depend on the business needs for performance reporting or the type of project you’re working on (ex.

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You can actually stop the update as long as it is not completely done. You can check the update page to see that the download is not available anymore and that your version is unchanged. Do not worry too much as i OS updates are in a large number of bytes, so you still have time to cancel the download.