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She left town and now I'm stuck with a digital keychain that has pictures of a baby which is not mine and a flower. The website seems to be global sourcing only, more or less useless. If it's USB, try just plugging it in and see if it mounts like a flash drive: you may just need to drop folders into it's directory structure, which you can probably figure out by looking at it.

I've returned lots os stuff there and doibt very much if they would even check to see if the software had been opened.

Most models of digital photo keychains have enough memory to hold dozens of pictures--which are easily downloaded and automatically resized to suit the small keychain screen.

Then choose "troubleshoot program" in the window that pops up. This digital photoview cd was stopped from installing by my Adaware malware protection program.Http:// choose the keychain, download the software.When you plug in the keychain, choose "USB Update" mode. Immediately go to the photo viewer program, and open it, and you can transfer the pics from there!Two different formats are available: FAT32 and NTFS.Most of these devices come formatted with FAT32, which won't hold images over 4 GB.

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I found the manufacturer's website ( but they don't have that product listed.

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