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Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant says a delusional, love-struck, female fan is a threat to his safety ...and he just got a temporary restraining order to keep her as far away as possible. in docs Robert says Alysson Billings has been harassing him for three years -- all because she believes they're in a relationship ... Specifically, Robert says Alysson leaves hotel keys for him, sends flowers, random packages and constantly shows up to his concerts all over the world. Robert says ever since he started dating his new girlfriend, Patty Griffin, Alysson's obsession has taken a dark turn ...She calls “My Church” the “tipping point of me going from songwriter to artist,” telling NPR in November that she didn't want to offer the track to another artist: “The second that song was done and we were listening back to it, the first thought in my mind was, Wow, they were right. She’s on Tour With Her Boyfriend and Cowriter, Ryan Hurd Hurd, 30, joined her in writing “Last Turn Home,” which they’ve been performing together on her Hero headlining tour.Though they worked on the song in 2013, it wasn’t until 2016 when they started dating.The Hitmaker Was Turned Down by American Idol and The Voice Morris auditioned for the former Fox series when she was 17 but only faced the producers, not even making it to the judges.She tried out for The Voice only to be turned down once again.

The pair celebrated their first anniversary last month.4.

After shopping, I stop to eat some greasy counter food, and he's eating it too.

As I load groceries into my bicycle trailer, I again see him – driving by in a car so modest that I could almost afford it. That very night he joined his squeeze, local folksinger Patty Griffin, for the first of two consecutive shows at the Continental Club.

In the '90s, Page and Plant did reunite to tour under their own names, to reinvent some Zep classics and to produce new material.

Finally in 2007, the Zeppelin (with John Bonham's son Jason on drums) played a massive show in tribute to their mentor, Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, with speculation of a tour to follow, but it was not to be, and Plant turned down a potential 0-million in offers, saying he didn't want to "tour like a bunch of bored old men following the Rolling Stones around." So what did he do in the 2000s instead of taking the money and traipsing around America on a sexagenarian victory lap?

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My alarm clock, apparently dialed in to 93.7FM, woke me up Saturday morning with Led Zeppelin's "Rock & Roll." The unmistakable voice of Robert Plant might as well have been a jackhammer, the way it tore me from a deep sleep.