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Local sex chat and hookups no feas usa

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You need to look at what ,t costs to live a month If you've uever calculated that number, now,s the time to do so Look at your take-home pay and use that as a guide For example, if your take-home pay's $5,000 and from that money you are only sa Ving $500 a month, you know that your h Ving expenses are approx,mately $4,500 a monte From that number you can m'lk ad Justnwn s for letllemtllt As an example If there IS someone you are supportmg (such as your ch1ldren) that you Will not be supportmg m rellrement you can back off some of those exoenses In additi On ,fyou no longer have a house payment you can factor that mto the equation On the other hand don t forget to factor In travel or other th Ings m retirement that Will Increase your expenses Once you determme what it costs to live a month back out what you Will receive from SOCial Security ,imd any pen Si On On a year-by-year bas,s on our b Irthdays, we rece Ive a benefits estimate from SOCial Security The number 1Sfa Irly accurate Once you subtract out from ll\'lng expenses, pen SIOn and SOCial Security, you are left With a monthly shortfall To determme how much you need to oover that shortfall, multiply that number by 12 (for the year ly shortfall) and then multiply that number by 20 to 25 The number you calculate's the amount of Investments that you Will need to be able to retire and to have a nsmg Income throughout your lifet Ime For example if ,t costs you $5000 a month to live and you rece,ve $1,000 from Social Security and you have no pen Si On,your shortfall,s $4,000 a Money Matters Rick Bloom month That means that on a year-by-year basi S you Will need appro~mmcly$48000from your Investments to cover your h Ving expenses Th Is means that you Will need appr OXimately $960,000 to $1,200,000 m Investments to cover your short fall Th Is assumes that on a year-by-year bas,s you wlll pull out 4 to 5 percent of your mvestments to cover your hvmg expenses I recogni Ze that the 4 to 5 percent IS a low figure However, ,t does factor mto the equat Ion that you Will need a r Ismg mcome throughout your lifellme I beheve no matter where you are In your stage ofllfe, It 1S'mportant to determme ,f you're on the right track III savmg for retirement I recogn Ize that if you are Just startmg your career, the number that you w Ill need seems unattamable, but ,t 1Snot If you are m,dwayor even near the end of your Cateer, It IS Important to be reahstl C as to where you stand There are many finan Cial calculators on the Internet that you can use to help you With your calculati Ons Vanguard, Charles Schwab and others all have excellent Web s,tes to help you make the calculati On The key,s to be mformed as to where you stand for rel1rement and not be surpnsed down the road I m frequently asked whether one should factor mto the equat IOn future mher Itances No I beheve ,t 's dangerous to depend upon mhen tances that you have not yet rece Ived Therefore, only III unusual s,tuallons Will I factor mhentances mto the equat IOn The bottom lme ISthat ret Irement IS an ISSUethat every one of us Will hopefully face m the future The key to en Jo YJng retirement 's to thmk about it now and take the appropr Iate actions to make sure that you can en Joy as long a retirement as your health allows Rick Bloom IS a fee only financial ad Viser Observer & Eccenlnc readers can submit questions at moneymat ters®hometownllfe com For more nformatlon VIS t hi S Web site at wwwbloomassetmanagementcom You can hear Rick from noon to 3 p m Sundays on WDTKAM (1400) ll-Month • Certificate of Deposit • 4-Month Certificate of Deposit Federally Insured by NCUA [!