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“Catfish” tells the story of how the person fell in love and assists them in meeting the real person they fell in love with online.

"There were maybe four or five website that did speak to me and actually agreed to remove these profiles," she explained. We checked with University of Law Professor, James Gibson.

The new MTV television phenom show, “Catfish”, and the recent Manti Te’o Notre Dame football scandal involving a player’s supposed online relationship, have left us begging the question: what are the legal ramifications for ‘catfish’ing someone [creating a fake profile]?

If you have not seen the television show “Catfish”, it features individuals who believe themselves to be in online romantic relationships.

If they're doing it because they have issues with who they are then that's something else that needs to be sorted out but when they're doing it to steal details, money or just to humiliate someone then it's something different.

As it is these offences are likely to only be serious because only adults can have legal action brought against them in these cases.

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Even if you think something is just a joke or a harmless prank it could still be a crime.

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