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I bought a new ES-330L about a month ago, great guitar!

I have a question about the new 6 digit CS serial numbers.

These new models take advantage of "Thermal Top" technology, in which the spruce wood for the guitar tops are baked in a controlled high-heat, low-oxygen environment.

The result is the volume and tone of a well-seasoned vintage guitar in a brand new instrument.

Yes I realised that shortly after I had written my response.

Presumably one doesn't have to be an employee of Gibson to use that Avatar, but the group "Customer Services Team" clinches it. Anyway, It's pretty clear to me that "5" is Memphis and probably "0" is Nashville, but the wording of the response is slightly vague if this is the case.

Name: bernard Date: 4/26Review: BR40Rating you give thr Blueridge BR40: 4 - Highly recommend it Like about the BR-40: I have a Martin HD28. Additional Comments: I play this with two friends who both own Martins (a D-18 and an HD-28) and my BR-40 has no problem hanging with 'em.

Dislikes: Some of the finish is c/w with its price. Name: Sujith Date: 7/27/07Review: Blueridge BR-40Rating you give the Blueridge BR40: 4 - Highly recommend it Like about the Blueridge BR-40: 1. I immedietly went there, played their Seagull and was happy with my purchase online, untill.. It simply blue away both the Ceder and Spruce top Seagull S6. Many people including me had been convinced that all Chinese products are inferior, but the Blueridge really was much better than the Seagull S6. You will find pleanty of reviews that claim cheap guitars (0-0) to be better than the high end Martins like D-28 etc... Name: Travis Roberts Date: 6/01/07Review: Blue Ridge BR-40Rating you give the Blueridge BR40: 4 - Highly recommend it Like about the Blueridge BR-40: PRICE! Dislike about the Blueridge BR40: Nothing big enough to complain about.

It scored over higher priced Takamine, Alverz, Tahoma and stood its ground well when compared with the Martin D-16RGT.Each instrument is the result of detailed research and is carefully crafted at the Blueridge factory.Consistency is evident throughout, from the fretwork to the intricate inlays that adorn each Blueridge headstock. It is laminate body and so will make an excellent campfire guitar. Additional Comments: I had been going to various music stores and playing all the name brands at this price point and the Blueridge BR-40 was the definite winner.

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It was just the sound I was looking for and the one I got was very close in sound to the demo videos. The instrument is a pleasure to hold and play as well as listen to. Additional Comments: I purchased this to be my knock around guitar. While this is not in the class with my $3500 - $5500 guitars, I believe it's not far from them and certainly not in the class with the other brand guitars in this price range. Love the neck nice full feel for Blueridge and 1 3/4in nut width makes it great for flatpicking bluegrass runs. I owned one and it had issues with neck set and saddle. In fact it will be my mine acoustic when I gig at Hilton Head Island this summer.